'Music is a safe kind of high'        HENDRIX


Karen Gilmore has a wealth of experience in the entertainment business, travelling countrywide both as a solo act and with previous band line-ups and has performed to audiences ranging from a few in an intimate setting to a thousand plus.  She has a modest opinion regarding her varied and interesting musical past, maintaining that the road has been a wonderful journey - an interesting metaphor for her historic apprenticeship.

"..being an entertainer is the greatest gift" 

Karen has worked with many professional musicians and is respected and admired for her impressive vocal talent, likened to Janis Joplin and referred to as a female 'Robert Plant' whilst with Swansong, delivering awesome renditions of classic rock numbers with feel and precision. Modesty still reigns however, as despite her reputation, she is still her own worst critic, constantly striving for perfection.

Karen is also a freelance performer, depping where possible and available for session work. 

As the band's manager, promoter and media designer, being a digital artist makes the arty side a whole lot easier.








Rick began playing guitar at the age of 17, and six months later, secured his first post with a semi-pro band. A succession of musical collaborations followed, working with bands and individual musicians, recording and playing original tracks and covers, running a highly successful award winning solo show as a guitar-vocalist, sessions at Pebble Mill Studios and finally building his own recording studio where he creates music of varied genres to include rock, country, classical, euphoric dance, jazz and folk.

"The best part by far is seeing an audience enjoying themselves ... nothing compares to that".










Nigel Smith is a versatile and understated musician who started playing bass, acoustic guitar and keyboards in pubs and clubs in the early 1970s and after taking a break, he began playing again in 1990.

Nigel also writes his own material and in 1994, he began working with Karen Gilmore forming an acoustic duo, initially named 'First Fall' and took the songs out on the road.  The act has since evolved and renamed as Swansong Acoustic in conjunction with Swansong who began in 2009.

His career has spanned many years and included collaborations with Blues n' Graized and offshoot bands including former players including Steve Cosgrove, Lol Higgins (Swansong's original drummer) and Keith Rushton. He later joined blues band, Willie Brown's Rhythm Method foundered by Steve Cosgrove.

Nigel is essentially Swansong's 'rock' (every band has one), taking charge of the band's lighting and sound.






CALVIN SARGEANT is a seasoned and experienced musician, playing in many bands, including Black Rising and Braveface, before joining SWANSONG in September 2016.
Calvin depped for the band on many occasions while still working on other projects, joining SWANSONG exclusively on the 1st January 2017.  Since then, the band has gone from strength to strength and can boast a full diary of new and exciting gigs over the coming months.